October 30, 2012



So hopes u understood why i write the title about..
for me they're so calm and peaceful when they in sleep...
they woke up in the mornin' and i bath them all..
but they still fall asleep again...
they're so cute and also notty kids too..
but i love them sooooo muchhhhh... 
i can't wait to see them grown up...
i'll try to imagines how they looks in 10 years from now..
all mom want to see their kids grown up in good manner and polite...
nobody want their kids became rude and heartless..
i always pray the best for them..

Insyallah.. Allah says " Mom Pray always come true"..

so we as a children to our mom and dad lets us be good to them when they still alive...
my advise for my fellow friends 

"try to be nice to our parent" 

whatever it is i would like to....

thanks Allah for gave me 3 beautiful kids in my life...


thanks for read


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