November 04, 2012


SALAM to everyone..

Lately, me and my family do many things together..
The new things that we have did together such as catering..
Almost 150 person we have been cooked to them 3 days continuously and  3 times per day u know..
Yes...!! It's really exhausted to us..
especially for me cause my lil baby boy, Ian Danish, he has been attacked by flu and coughing..
he don't want to be calm cause he really angry with his flu fever..
well as a mom i have to take care him and to do a lot of work as i said..
COOKED and TAKE CARE my lil baby too..
2 things in 1 times..
wo! what can i said i already been through.. 

So, yes i'm ok but TIRED..

After i write this post i want to sleep for 40 days non stop...
just kidding babe..
no lah..!! i'm not a bear to hibernate for 40 days..
just take 15 or 30 minutes for fall asleep and when i wake up..
my tired will be gone..
till then bye..

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