February 07, 2011


juz check out these pictures.. ok thanks.. (^.^)
 leave comments and compares all these pictures ok..hehe..for fun only..
tiada kena mengena yang hidup atau mati..haha~

1st photo
sama-sama tak tengok camera lens..

2nd photo

sama-sama tangan letak di wajah..

 3rd photo

hehe...1 more time tak tengok lens again..

4th photo

comparison of smiling..

5th photo

well..tudung yang simple mana lebih cantik??hehe~


and the last photo is....
oppssii...i'm not celebrating hollowen party ok..i'm juz trying  Egypt style..

 so GUYS u looks.. u judges it ok ..haha..juz for fun..remember??
ok bubye~

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