September 15, 2011



title for today entry is "LOVE VS FRIEND"..
yo..! you wanna know why i choose this title??
well..lets me tell ya..
of course in your life you will have to choose for LOVE and FRIENDSHIP..
yeah.. so do i.. 
I'm not so hypocrite like the others..
i mention this cos you have to do this things in your life..
if i have to choose i will choose for LOVE..
friendship mean nothing..
some friendship will be so wonderful relationship..
but sometimes its can be harm for yourself too..
so you have to be more careful for chosen friendship..
but LOVE is so lovely and you will feels the love inside you..
but sometimes love cant be real like your imagination because of those friends....
they will harm your LOVE life more than you think..
so watch out..
this is and advise and a warning for me too..
tq for read these..


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